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Growing your startup globally can be expensive and frustrating.

At GoGlobal Consulting, we understand the risks of expanding your business, but also know how to find success in competitive global markets.

You have focused your dream and leveraged your talents to create a cutting-edge business, but you need some help establishing yourself in industry; we will take your dream, our years of experience, and our connections with top-tier international enterprises and negotiate successful partnerships from the beginning to end.

GoGlobal Consulting is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley, with satellite offices around the world where contractors and alliance partners are located to support projects of any scope.

We are, simply, your partner. And we like it that way.


GoGlobal is constituted by a diverse network of specialists, all respected by industry leaders. Each member of our extraordinary team has been handpicked for their amazing talent, knowledge, and domain-specific mastery. However, our strength starts at the top.

Our Secret Weapon

Leading the GoGlobal team is our secret weapon, President Younghee Noh. Her relentless persistence and passion for finding solutions are the driving force behind GoGlobal’s success.

Younghee dedicates her days to helping startups expand into global markets by partnering with companies in other countries. She believes in fully immersive cooperation, becoming a member of your team as you work to form strategic partnerships and identify new markets and investment opportunities.

Younghee holds an MBA in Marketing from Korea University and a Master’s Degree in e-commerce from IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) in Chicago, IL. She has negotiated international contracts between top-tier companies worldwide and is currently an advisor for KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency), a Korean government program initiated by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy to explore and develop strategic alliances between global companies and Korea’s leading innovators.


Our professional consultants have delivered exceptional service to enterprise clients in dozens of verticals, including: biotech, music tech, consumer electronics, language processing, data analysis, app development, adtech, and more.

GoGlobal consultants’ extensive experience in executing complex globalization initiatives ensures the efficient development of targeted, localized products for international markets.

Our consultants perform the same level of due diligence that high profile consulting firms deliver at significantly lower cost.

Members of our team have been handpicked for their amazing talent, knowledge. and mastery of their craft. We deliver results the first time, every time, and on time.

Meet our leader and the team that makes this all possible.


"Younghee Noh has worked with Founders Space on multiple projects, and she has been an incredible asset. She has helped our startups in the areas of marketing, business development and fund raising. In addition to being capable, honest and reliable, she is a fantastic person. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again on any project. She is the type of person you can completely count on and trust."
— Steven Hoffman, Founder and Chairman of Founders Space, San Francisco

“Obtaining consulting service can be a blindfold experience. It's difficult to assess how helpful the end result will be to your business. Younghee through her vast experience, network, and commitment, delivers result far beyond expectation. I highly recommend Younghee and her company to my closest colleagues”
— Judy Chang, Managing Director of JGlobal Law Firm, New York

‘Younghee is an extremely professional person who is very persistent and focused. Her advice was very relevant, detailed and tailored to individual circumstances. Since she was so dedicated, I was even offered values from her service more than she is receiving! It is always great to work with her and she knows how to build strong and lasting partnerships”
— Jaehyung Lee, CEO & Co-founder of Stratio, San Jose, CA

‘Younghee doesn't need my recommendation. She is a unique thinker and an amazing individual with an incredible intelligence. She has proven to be one of those rare visionary who naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the entrepreneurs like myself’
— CEO & Founder of Ovitz, Rochester, NY

“Younghee is an extremely detailed and professional consultant. She helped connect me and my company on our visit to Silicon Valley through her vast and reliable network. She is very knowledgeable about startup companies in the SF Bay Area!”
— CEO & Founder of Smatoos/BeNative, Seoul, Korea

“Young Hee epitomizes what anyone would seek in a leader; her abilities to identify and assess opportunities, the vision to develop a plan from inception to exit and to manage the minutia of day to day activities is remarkable. Her ability to adapt to the needs of MNCs to Start-ups and help drive them to goal oriented objectives is extraordinary. Her insights and experience in helping organizations achieve success speaks volumes and worthy of consideration for any entrepreneur”
— Andy Choi, Director Business Development and Strategic Integration of BoeingL

“As a partnership builder, Younghee knows who and how to connect with the necessary stakeholders in her client's endeavors. I would recommend her work to Korean start-ups looking to establish a presence in the States”
— Frank W. Lan, Senior Category Merchant Manager, Software Category, Amazon

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